• 27 FEB 14
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    What Your Smile Conveys About You

    What Your Smile Conveys About You

    You might be surprised to learn that your smile size could be conveying a lot more about you than just looking happy. Some studies show that having a big, wide grin might actually mean you could have a longer lifespan. The reason here boiling down to the fact that smiling is related to positive feelings and happiness, which are indicators of well-being. Tight, smaller smiles might be construed as insincere or mocking when given as a response to something. However, one telling sign of a genuine smile versus a fake one is what happens to someone’s eyes. An authentic grin will cause the skin around the eyes to crinkle and the orbicularis oculi, a facial muscle that will contract involuntarily. Because this can’t be controlled, a person faking a smile won’t exhibit this.

    Furthermore, smiling is also a great tool for spreading happiness and inspiring others to improve their moods. Just a glance at someone genuinely smiling can make a person’s mood lift a bit and relax. This is because we use different kinds of smiles to communicate different things. Think about all of the different occasions that make you smile and what you are actually saying without using any words at all. You likely smile when you greet someone or say hello. You smile to show compassion and understanding in more serious situations, maybe even as a way to comfort another.  You smile when you’re giddy or nervous-excited about something. You smile when something is truly funny and you cannot control your grin or laughter. You laugh when you are appreciative or touched by something. Some people even have a special smile uniquely saved for their significant other. And so, the bottom line is to really think about your everyday life and see if you could fit a smile or two in more. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at the way people perceive you and engage right back.

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