Does the fear of getting shots prevent you from visiting the dentist? Mansfield Family Dentistry Uses DentalVibe Pain-Free InjectionsYou’re not the only one! We’re proud to introduce DentalVibe to help alleviate your dental anxiety.

DentalVibe is a small, hand-held device that blocks the discomfort of dental injections by emitting soothing, pulsed, percussive micro-oscillations to the site where the shot is to be administered, thereby blocking the pain of the injection. The science behind this technological breakthrough is that when vibration is applied at the same time as an injection, the vibration sensation reaches the brain first, which blocks the feeling of pain. DentalVibe is safe and gentle, and dentists are able to use less anesthetic and administer injections faster. Thousands of dentists and patients agree – Dental Vibe is the pain-free way to administer a dental injection. Dr. Karapetian is skilled in using DentalVibe during your dental procedure.